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Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair London

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs London
It’s relatively easy to spot if you have diamond cut alloy wheels (or standard painted finish) as they appear very bright, polished, smooth with fine lines (similar to a DVD).  Diamond cut is the process of lathe machining any or all of the alloy wheel to produce the desired super smooth/polished shiny effect. which are lacquered to protect from corrosion. Alloys can be part or fully  diamond cut  to suit the taste of the motorist.
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Many high performance (& other) vehicles are fitted with diamond cut alloy wheels. Diamond cut alloys can be full/part or lip only. They are very eye catching and appealing to everyone sees them and also add tremendous style & value to ones vehicle.
Diamond Cutting or as some people say Diamond Polishing (alloy wheels polished using a diamond tipped lathe!) is growing in popularity on average type every day  vehicles (as well as luxury & high performance cars) but still isn’t as common a feature as standard (painted finish) alloy wheels which are now extremely popular and are being fitted as standard on most vehicles by auto manufacturers these days.
The process of skimming off fine layers alloy material from alloy wheel after they have (if necessary) been painted in their original colour is quite complex and results in an amazing highly polished/shiny/mirror disc – looking affect!
There’s no doubt that having diamond cut alloy wheels certainly improves the look of any vehicle and adds value to the after sale!

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Our professional diamond cutters will diamond cut all or part of your alloy wheels, paint in the colour of your choice and finish off with a lacquered finish for extra protection against the weather elements!  Our devoted team will assess each job on its own merits and inform our clients of whether alloy(s) should be diamond cut. Fulfilling clients request will be dependent on a few factors, such as age/condition of wheel, severity of gorges/scratches/scuff marks, times alloy(s)had been previously diamond cut, if alloy(s) suffered from severe corrosion and/or cracks etc. Either way those defaced, unpleasing, corroded alloys will soon look as good as new!
Prices start from as low as 75.00 per alloy wheel!